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Just saw the best movie ever. Well, one of them anyway. Tokyo Godfathers was sweet and touching without pulling any punches or going for the deliberate tear-jerk moment (and ther were oppertunities). I don't want to say to much, for those of you who haven't seen it, but it is well worth the hour and a half veiwing time, and how many movies can you say that about these days? It's a Christmas movie, about a group of three homeless people in Japan who find a baby in a dumpster on Christmas Eve. They decide to find the baby's mother and return the child, and the journey is life changing for all of them. A good movie for when you're feeling down or low energy, but it's subtitled, so be prepared to devote that time to watching it. It will definately leave you feeling good.

Also, it seems [ profile] snowwy is bring home a new roommate tonight. I haven't met him yet, or named him, but I think we'll get along just fine. Too excited to sleep, but the night, she is young. More about the roommate later.


Aug. 17th, 2005 07:05 pm
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You scored as First Mate Zoe.


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Whee! I just got back from picking up almost 30 Scientific American books. The guy was uber-nice and even drove me and the books home so I wouldn't have to lug them on the bus. Finally, Craigslist free section comes through!!!!
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So, I just got home from my test, and I think I did pretty good. Stayed up way to late last night helping [ profile] snowwy with his mask. The multiple choice questions were rough, but I feel I did a really good job with the written stuff. The questions were much clearer i.e. here's this kid and some examples of there work. What's one weakness they have, list an activity to help them and why will that work vs. here are two obscure terms, define them and write three pages on why they are important.

Bleh! Yet another reason I hate standardized tests. I'm hoping I never have to take one again. Stupid George Bush, probably couldn't even define the basic parts of speech (he certainly can't use them to form consecutive, coherent sentences) and I'm stuck wading through miles of this bullsh*t 'cause he would rather blame teachers then look in the f*cking mirror to see what's wrong with our educational system. If someone that stupid can grow up to be President of the United States what's the point of studying or working hard?


Anyone at all?

I didn't think so. Sorry if I sound bitter, but all these tests make me cranky. I'm going to eat, put something horrifically mindless on the DVD and go to bed early.
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I'm on Yahoo IM now as oaklandmaia. Drop me line sometime, 'K? All this lesson planning gets boring after a while.
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I got my very first Palm Pilot last night from [ profile] snowwy's work, but the calendar thinks today is the 9th not the 2nd. Does anyone know how to set it to the right date? Other then that, it's wonderful!

EDIT: all fixed!
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This is a battle of epic proportions. Things weren't looking good for Her Royal Minx, she had been invaded, nay, overrun by the swarming masses. So I gave her a bath, thus drowning the invading horde, much like the Egyptian soldiers chasing down Moses through the Red Sea. And all was calm for awhile. Then the invading hordes saw a clear and unconquered land and invaded again, this time bringing reinforcements. I noticed two days ago that her Royal Minx was literally swarming with the little monsters so back into the tub she went. The water turned brown with the blood of the fallen. And all was well. Then yesterday we unleashed our mightiested weapon: Advantage.

No more will the tiny beasts of blood feast on my cat, for she is poison, and all who try will perish. No more will I awake with The Mark of the Foul Beasts upon my skin, for all will fall before my wrath.

Calm has been restored to the kingdom and all may once again sleep in peace and safety.
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BART ticket to Richmond and back: $4.20
Fingerprints for new job: $35
Finding a lost baby and returning him safely to his mother: priceless

Sometimes getting lost and being late isn't such a bad thing.
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ONG!I just got off the phone with the woman I interviewed with two days ago. I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!! Let me say it again. I GOT THE JOB!!!!

I'm so happy! I knew the interview went well, but I didn't expect an offer so soon! I still don't know all the details, except that it is a self contained sixth grade class with 25 students. Its a small Charter Middle School in Richmond and from what they told me at the interview it sounds like it would be a wonderful fit for me.

I GOT THE JOB!!!11!!

I'm sweaty and sore but so very, very happy!!!!

*bouncey bouncey bounce*
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For awhile now, every time I play a Popcap game, I sudenly have an ESPN announcer giving commentary. "Oooh, she missed one there. Definately not her best performance." It's weird, it's funny, and I don't quite know what to make of it. I don't even watch ESPN anymore.
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It has come to my attention that I have been spending entirely too much time sitting around the house. Lack of a job to too much studying have a lot to do with this. However, I start work at the Berekely Rep selling tickets in a few days, and I really would like to go out tonight. Maybe a movie or dinner or anything really. Is anyone out there up for a little socializing tonight? I would really like to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I just hate going to the movies by my self.

Is anyone free tonight?
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I have a phone interview tomarrow at 10:30 a.m. Please send me all your best wishes for this! It's for a school here in Oakland, small and perfect! Oh Boy!
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Are any other teachers applying for their first jobs having trouble? All the districts seem to only want teachers with several years experience. How am I supose to get experience of no one will give me a break! I just got another "thank you for applying, but we want a teacher with more classroom experience" rejection email. Arg!!!!
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Well, the job interview went as well as could be expected. The woman is spoke with seemed to like the idea I had for a Science Fiction Summer. Hopefully the other canidates won't be as impressive. Nothing to do now except wait.

I am currently engaged in battle with the cat over the right to walk all over Snowwy's desk and knock shit over. I think I'm winning today, she's only gotten up once so far. I wish I would here back from some of the other schools I applied to, if only to here thta they are not interested.
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Yesterday I sent off two applications via email, for positions I would REALLY like. Still no reply. I know it will take a few days or weeks for them to go through all the resumes and emails and pick out the ones they want to reply to. But I want them to call me NOW!

Sigh. Patience has never been my best quality.
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This is a rough draft of a cover letter I am submiting for a teaching position. Any feedback I get would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Dear Ms. XX and Ms. ZZ,

My name is My name and I am responding to your ad on Craigslist. I am very excited for this opportunity. The AWE community is a wonderful organization for students and teachers. I am very pleased to see that you offer so many professional development opportunities for your teachers. The support offered to new teachers will ensure that every teacher is able to provide the highest quality educational experiences for their students.

I am also happy to see that you offer many genuine experiences for your students. I feel that field trips are an important part of the integrated learning experiences for students. I am also excited by your small class sizes. This will allow me to provide more one-on-one and small group instruction.

You also requested and example of a lesson that was not successful. During my student teaching experience the students finished a reading unit on Greek and Roman mythology. As a wrap-up to this unit I designed an art project allowing each student to demonstrate their knowledge of their favorite myth. The project was a crayon etching showing each students favorite myth from the reading. However, my own example did not show a myth. Many of the students chose to draw other pictures, many of which had no relevance to the original plan.

In retrospect there were several things I could have done to make this lesson more successful. I should have allowed more time for the work preparing the paper for etching. My own example should have shown the kind of scene I wanted to see from the students. Finally, I should have lead the class in a discussion of their favorite myths and mythological figures. Although this lesson was largely unsuccessful, it was an important learning experience for myself.

I have attached my resume to this email. I look forward to visiting your facilities and meeting other educators.


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Does anyone know if a letter in intent is the same as a cover letter? Different applications ask for different letters and I don't know quite how to work one. Any advice?

I'm tempted to just write "I wanna teach so shut-up and give me a classroom", but that might be just a wee bit counterproductive.
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I just finished several online job applications for teaching. I think I'll take a break now as filling out all those applications tends to melt one's brain. Unfortunetly San Farancisco Unified in no longer accepting applications. Bleh. Oh well. I hope at least one of these works out for me.
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