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2007-11-22 12:55 pm

Happy Thaksgiving To One And All!

I hope this next year brings you much for which to be thankful!
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2007-08-27 06:27 pm

Hedgehogs! Cute!

They're snuggling a hair brush. *squee!!!*
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2007-08-23 08:40 am

Happy Birthday!

To [ profile] lasirena23

May you have the wonderful, happy day you so richly deserve!
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2007-08-09 09:36 pm

Big Movie Fail

Who would have thought that a movie titled "Shaolin vs. Evil Dead" could be so full of fail. I wanted zombie kung-fu. I'm getting Daoist teen angst. It's teh suck.

OK there were some vampires toward the end. Aoombie kung-fu vampires would be cool except their main attack was the bunny hop. It was still teh suck.
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2007-02-19 05:52 pm

Going To The Chaple pt. 2

It was a lovely wedding. Will post later when I'm caught up on sleep.
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2007-01-30 04:13 pm

(no subject)

Comcast has been cancelled. SBC will be out on Friday to set me up. Bye bye TV, we'll always have the DVD player.
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2006-07-26 11:22 pm

(no subject)

The fog came in! The fog came in! I'm so happy!
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2006-06-19 04:02 pm

(no subject)

Does anyone have any experience with the Berkely East Bay Humane Society? I am considering volunteering there as a cat cuddler this summer. If it's Berkely I would assume that there is enough public oversight to make sure it runs well. I volunteered for S.F. Animal Care and Control as a dog walker and really liked it.
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2006-04-12 04:59 pm
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yeah, parent Teacher Confrences today. All of them are short and easy, and only a few people signed up. The problem? I have at least an hour to kill between confrences. Right now Im in the English room (supose) to be watching two girls as they play on Myspace. i would rather gouge my eyes out then correct another paper. For those of you who know where I work, feel fre to come and kill me now. Please?
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2006-02-04 11:47 am

(no subject)

Head Hurts!!!!!

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2006-01-31 02:54 pm

Wacky Teaching Stories

#1 We got a new pet hamster yesterday. A cute, baby, fuzzy hamster. I always let the kids vote on names for the pets. The run-off vote came down to either Truffles or...Medea. Let's just hope the little bugger never gets a chance to reproduce.

#2 One of my students wasw very loudly singing the "bow-chika-bow-wow" song in class. I was concerned, to say the least about what he had been watching. I kept him back from art and we had the following conversation.
Me: So, where did you hear that song?
Him: Well, there's this video I found on the internet...
Me: (in my head) OMG! He's been watching the pr0n on teh internets. I'm going to have to tell his father!
Him: Made by the people who did Halo.
Me: Red vs. Blue!?!? Oh, thank god!

Turns out he's an even bigger fan of the series then I am. I walked him to art and we had one of the best student/teacher bonding moments evar!
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2005-10-20 07:48 pm

(no subject)

We had our first field trip today and nobody got kidnapped or dead! So woohoo! Also, we had a great staff meeting in which I got to vent some about the part time RSP teacher from the very depths of hell. But best of all, afterwards I was chatting with some of the other teachers and we got to talking about the odd hair colors and clothes some of our students have. I mentioned I wished I could wear some of my odder clothes. I daid I always wanted blue highlights in my hair, but because I'm a teacher I can't. The others looked my dead in the eye and asked "why not"?

time to call Angelique and make an appointment!
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2005-10-19 06:19 pm

Best Rube Goldberg Contraption Ever

Keep in mind that this was done in 100% real time. It took 606 takes, 6 million dollars and 3 months to get that last perfect take.

It has sound and you really need to hear it as well to appreciate it.
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2005-10-07 11:44 pm

(no subject)

Just finished HBP, don't know if I can't wait for the next one or if I want to quit the series now.
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2005-09-26 08:50 pm

Party Invites!

So, last week I turned thirty but didn't have the opportunity to really celebrate. However, if your Saturday night is free come by Caer Leonis around 8 p.m. and wish me a happy new decade! I'm not looking for a big rocking party, just the wonderful company of all my friends. If you can make it leave a comment here.
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2005-08-18 05:56 pm

(no subject)

I have internet access in my room again! Now [ profile] snowwy can have his computer back again!

More kitten cuteness latter!